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Skilled Trade Classes

I see a need for vocational and skilled trade programs to be reinstated in our high schools.  Children need exposure to the trades so they have opportunities to build a skillset they have interest in.  A skilled trade offers many options to those that do not want to go to college.  They will be able to enter the workforce right after high school with no debt and the proper skills to set them up for a successful and well paying career in the skill they choose.

Protection of Our Children

The push for introducing a curriculum that seeks to hyper-sexualize and plant seeds of confusion among our most vulnerable, moldable, as young as kindergarten, minds is heartbreaking.  The proposed health standards, along with racially divisive material being tucked into social studies and social emotional learning curriculum, are my main reasons for running.  When elected I will be a roadblock to the passing of these standards.  I guarantee I will be a long-term safeguard against comprehensive sex education (CSE) and critical race theory (CRT).

Parents are the Authority 

I believe parents are the sole authority over their children.  I support parental rights on all decisions ranging from religious beliefs, medical freedoms, and the ability to decide which type of schooling  is right for their children.  Education and learning styles are not a one size fits all approach.  I appreciate the variety of unique learning environments for children and support school choice (public, private, homeschool, micro-school) for all families.

Education at the Forefront

It is time to abandon the self-inflicted wounds of the State Board of Education's proposed health standards and instead focus on academics.  It's imperative we examine the gaping, pre-existing wounds of our most recent proficiency scores.  Results from the Nebraska Student Centered Assessment conducted for the spring of 2021 report that across ALL grade levels only 46% of students are on track for math.  Only 48% are on track for English and Language Arts.  Demographically the statistics become more dismal.  Putting education at the forefront is necessary to give our children the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to set themselves up for success.


As an active participant at many SBOE meetings I have witnessed much deception and incongruence from the board this past year.  The self-inflicted divide caused by the board members has created mistrust among the parents, grandparents, and taxpayers of Nebraska.  There is a lot of cleaning up to do.  By demanding transparency and electing leaders who act with integrity trust can be restored.   Moving forward, expectations of transparency will not only extend to the board but also to the Nebraska Department of Education, teachers, administrators, and parents.  There is a great need for transparency within the classrooms regarding curriculum and amongst teachers, parents and students.   

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