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"The State Board of Education has been on a mission to force a leftist ideology onto the school districts of Nebraska. They along with the Nebraska Dept of Education brought critical race theory into the Social Studies standards in 2019. In 2021, they released Health and Sex Ed standards that used a curriculum called CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education). This curriculum, beginning in pre-school, can be found on the web site The aim is to groom children with graphic sexual content and transgender instruction at a very early age to desensitize them. The purpose is to mold their values to a preferred ideology, regardless of the values of each child's family. Marni Hodgen was among the first people in Nebraska to recognize the threat, and has addressed the State Board several times. The State Board members, including the incumbent, are determined to press forward with this agenda. Marni, a mother of 3 boys, has courageously decided to stand in the breach, to protect Nebraska families from this assault. Protect Nebraska Children wholeheartedly endorses Marni Hodgen for State Board of Education, District 8."     -Sue Greenwald MD, Protect Nebraska Children-PAC


“More parents than ever have been getting involved with their kids’ schooling, with careful watch on the curriculum, and Marni is one of them.  She has a servant’s heart, a depth of knowledge, and I need her on the Board with me to help keep accountability.  I completely support her in this election, and ask you to do so too!”       -State Board of Education Kirk Penner


"Please join me in supporting Marni Hodgen for State Board of Education.  She is a true conservative who will be a vital check against the efforts to push radical gender ideology and Critical Race Theory on our children.  Marni knows that education should be focused on providing strong academic outcomes to best prepare our children for the future and I know she will work for our families on the State Board."       -Governor Pete Ricketts


“Marni Hodgen is a caring mother and a warrior for the teachers, parents, and children of Douglas County.  She is smart and savvy on the education issues we’re facing and knows the parents have a vital voice concerning our schools and will not take them for granted.  She will do a wonderful job on the State Board.  I totally endorse Marni Hodgen for District Eight!”       -Congressman Don Bacon


“Thank you Marni Hodgen for stepping up to defend our children’s right to a world class education free from radical ideologies and letting the kids be kids.  Thanks for promoting academics as priority #1.  Thanks for backing teachers, giving them the support they need and thanks for being a voice for parental rights.   

 Marni Hodgen is a great District 8 candidate for parents and taxpayers who vigorously desire to replace a leftist State Board member whose intent is on ramming disgusting and degenerate sex education standards down our throats.  Marni will vigorously stand up against the elite leftists who ignore and dismiss parents who insist on traditional values in our education system.

Marni Hodgen has my full endorsement.  She is the “Mama Bear” parents and students of District 8 need on the State Board of Education.  Please give Marni Hodgen your full support and vote in the General Election this fall.”      - Senator Steve Halloran


"Marni Hodgen has a passion for education, and has been an active participant in the State Board’s meetings.  She is dedicated to bringing positive change.  She'll advocate for high standards for students, support our teachers, and bring more transparency to parents.  Please vote for Marni this November!"           -Senator Brett Lindstrom


 "Marni will be a great ally to the parents, kids, and teachers of Douglas County.  She is warm, bright, tough, and will get positive results.  I ask you to join me in voting for Marni on November 8th!"  -Omaha Citycouncilman Don Rowe


“I trust Marni Hodgen to be a principled conservative addition to the State Board of Education.  Marni has the integrity and the attitude needed to implement positive change on our State Board.  Her belief that fundamentals in K through 12 education are right on point.  Academic proficiency of our youth is paramount to Marni, and she will be a supportive advocate for parents throughout the State of Nebraska”     - Douglas County Commissioner, Mike Friend District 7


 "Marni Hodgen is the epitome of a Mama Bear.  Over the past few years Marni has had the overwhelming push by the Lord to stand for our community.  NAGO could not be more thrilled as she answers that call!  Hodgen is a true guardian for the innocence of His most precious gifts, our children."                                                                                      -Allie French, Nebraskans Against Government Overreach

Also Endorsed by:  

Senator Rob Clements  * Senator John Lowe  * Senator Mike Jacobson  * Senator Dave Murman    Senator LouAnn Linehan  * Senator Mike Hilgers  * Senator Rita Sanders  * Senator Tom Briese  * Senator Suzanne Geist 

Former State Board of Education member and recent Primary SBOE Candidate John Sieler 

Omaha City Councilwoman Amy Melton

Millard Public School Board Members Mike Kennedy & Mike Pate

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